CE Resources for Psychologists, Social Workers, Mental Health Professionals and Counselors


Mental Health CEU Course - Borderline Personality Disorders

The borderline personality disorders MFT CEU online course offers strategies for treating borderline personality disorder patients...Read More


CEU For Health Professionals - Clinical Supervision

At Professional Psych Seminars, our clinical supervision course offers the latest information on the best practices and guidelines for supervision for a variety of mental health professionals...Read More


CEU For Psychology Online - From Mouth To Madness

Our From Mouth to Madness CEU for Psychology online course offers 6.0 CEU credits to mental health professionals. The focus of this e-course is that nutrition is important and often overlooked as affecting someone’s mental and emotional functioning...Read More


CEU for Therapists - Being An Emotionally Mindful Therapist

The Being an Emotionally Mindful Therapist MFT CEUS course focuses on emotional mindfulness as a therapist and explores a proven process of mindfully connecting and working with our emotions...Read More


CEU Credits for Psychologists - Acceptance And Commitment Therapy

The acceptance and commitment therapy CEU Webinar for psychologists features a new model of behavioral treatment that has gained an international following...Read More


CEU Seminar for Psychologists - Brain Change Therapy For Anxiety Disorders And Trauma

The Brain Change Therapy for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma by Carol Kershaw, Ed.D. can provide you with the continued education needed to help your patients live fulfilling lives...Read More


Behavioral Health CEU Training - Understanding And Treating Intimate Partner Violence

CEU training course, Understanding and Treating Intimate Partner Violence is a 7.0 credit class created by Debbie Murad, LCSW, a clinical supervisor, organizational consultant, and lecturer with over 20 years of trauma-informed experience with intimate partner violence...Read More


CEU Webinars For Counselors - Women And Addiction

The Women and Addiction, a CEU webinar for counselors, offers over thirty years of knowledge of the treatment needs of women with addictive disorders...Read More


CEUs For Psychologists - ADHD Online Course

When you’re looking for CEUs for psychologists, try an ADHD online course from Professional Psych Seminars. The ADHD: Myths, Assessment and Treatment course is a great option...Read More


Continuing Education for Psychologists - Helping Those Who Hurt Themselves

AHelping those who hurt themselves is a continuing education seminar for psychologists that offers insight information and treatment ideas for a variety of health professionals...Read More


Law And Ethics CE - Ethics Class For CA Psychologists

When mental health professionals are looking for law and ethics CEUS for psychologists, Professional Psych Seminars has a full selection of continuing education courses to choose from...Read More


Health Professionals CEU Course - Psychopharmacology Update For Clinicians

Psychopharmacology Update for Clinicians, Part 1 CE course provides healthcare professionals with the latest information about how medications affect and help those in need...Read More


Mental Health CE - Strategic Treatment Of Anxiety Disorders

The Strategic Treatment of Anxiety Disorders is a mental health CEU course that focuses on anxiety disorders and how to diagnose the five most common disorders: phobias, social anxiety, panic, generalized anxiety, and OCD...Read More


Mental Health CEUS - Treating Depression With Mindfulness And Self

The Treating Depression with Mindfulness and Self-compassion online mental health CEU course offers insight into the latest research for treating depression without medication...Read More


Mental Health CEUS Online - The Depressed Brain

When you’re looking for an educational look at depression, try a mental health continuing education course such as The Depressed Brain: Psychobiology of Depression and Implications for Treatment...Read More


Mental Health Continue Education - Weight, Diet And Body Image

The Weight, Diet, and Body Image - Mental Health CEU Training course focuses on weight, eating, exercise avoidance, and body image problems as a focus of treatment for eating disorders and obesity...Read More


Mental Health CEU Seminars - Trauma And Mindfulness

The Trauma and Mindfulness mental health CEU seminar explores various mindfulness techniques are explored that can be used in trauma therapy in a practice or facility...Read More


MFT Continuing Education - Biological Causes Of Psychological Disorders

The Biological Causes of Psychological Disorders: What Every Clinician Needs to Know mental health CEU seminar is for marriage and family therapists continuing their education is taught by William Matteson, an author, clinician, and speaker who provides treatment strategies in an integrated and organized way...Read More


MFT CEUS Online - The Power Of Mindfulness In Psychotherapy

Psych Seminars offers a large variety of MFT CEUs workshops to choose from. The Power of Mindfulness in Psychotherapy is an online course that focuses on the last 10 years of history regarding mindfulness in psychotherapy...Read More


Online Psych Course - Cultivating Multicultural Discussions In Treatment

The continuing education course from Professional Psych Seminars called Cultivating Multicultural Discussions in Treatment allows healthcare professionals to explore the importance of multicultural discussions to implement in your practice or at your facility...Read More


Behavioral Health CE Course - Advance Therapeutic Strategies With Eating Disorder Patients

The behavioral health CE course, Advanced Therapeutic Strategies for Eating Disorder Patients online course can help mental health professionals like yourself with difficult cases concerning patients with eating disorders...Read More


Continue Education for Mental Health Professionals - Child Abuse Assessment

The Child Abuse Assessment, Reporting, and Treatment: review and update continuing education psychology course from Professional Psych Seminars explains the latest treatment methods and strategies of effectively helping individuals who have suffered abuse...Read More


Online CEU Course for Psychologists - Addiction And Co-Occurring Disorders

When looking for informative online CEU courses, consider one on addiction. At Professional Psych Seminars, we offer a variety of online courses and live in person classes on a variety of topics for psychologists and mental health professionals...Read More


Continuing Ed Psychology - Aging And Long-Term Care

When it comes to finding informative classes concerning aging and long-term care, Professional Psych Seminars offers a two-part online CEU course for health professionals...Read More


Online CEU Course for Social Workers - Legal And Ethical Challenges Using The DSM-5

Continuing education is perhaps one of the most important aspects of keeping up with the newest technologies as a social worker. Legal and Ethical Challenges Using the DSM-5: Best Practices is a workshop that examines the DSM-5’s major changes and how psychotherapists struggle with the role of the SDM-5 system and ethical diagnosing...Read More


Online CEU Course for Psychologists - Neurobiology Of Anxiety, Depression And Traumatic Stress

The Neurobiology of Anxiety, Depression and Traumatic Street: New Developments and Treatment Implications online CEU course for psychologists will give you an insight into practical approaches dealing with treatment of stress, anxiety and depression...Read More


Continue Education for Mental Health Counseling - Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Online CE course for mental health counselors called Emotionally focused couples therapy: An attachment focuses on Emotionally-focused therapy or EFT addresses prominent issues of distressed couples with attachment issues...Read More


Online CEU Workshop for Counselors - Treating Complex Trauma In Adolescents And Young Adults

With the help of Professional Psych Seminars and Treating Complex Trauma in Adolescents and Young Adults online workshop, mental health professionals can learn valid treatment methods for traumatized teens and young adults...Read More


Online Psych CEUs - The Value Of Clinical Intuition In Psychotherapy

The Value of Clinical Institution in Psychotherapy offers professionals information on how to take value in creating a relationship with the client or patient and in helping to guide them through a deep transformation during psychotherapy...Read More


CEU Seminars for Counselors - Fostering Resilience In Children And Families After Divorce

Fostering Resilience in Children and Families After Divorce online CEU seminar for counselors focuses on the current research on the long-term effects of divorce on children...Read More


Psych CE Course - Understanding Simple And Complex Recovery Patters From Sports-Related Concussions

The Understanding Simple and Complex Recovery Patterns from Sports-Related Concussions online psych CE course focuses on sports-related concussions and the proper recovery methods for those with mild traumatic brain injuries...Read More


Online Psych CE Course - DSM-5 In Action

The DSM-5 in action online psych CE course for mental health professionals is designed to cover the basic changes when using the DSM-5 with a mental health assessment, treatment planning, and other practice strategies...Read More


Behavioral Health Seminar - Overcoming The Fear Of Intimacy

The Overcoming the Fear of Intimacy is a behavioral health seminar that dives into the qualities that a person should look for in their partner...Read More


Psych CEU Workshop - Brain-Based Therapy: Integrating Science with Theory and Practice

The Brain-Based Therapy: Integrating Science with Theory and Practice is a psych CEU workshop that explains the recent advancements in the neurosciences, as well as how and why people change...Read More


Psych CEU - Treating Children And Adolescents In Blended Families

The Treating Children and Adolescents in Blended Families psych CEU webinar offers information for therapists to use when accessing both children and teens in the blended families...Read More


Psychology Continue Education Online - Understanding And Treating Grief And Loss

The Understanding and Treating Grief and Loss online psychology continue education seminar offers helpful information on death, loss, and grief...Read More


Psychology Continue Education Seminars - Understanding Interpersonal Violence And Suicide

A psychology continue education seminar, Understanding Interpersonal Violence and Suicide examines how interpersonal aggressive behavior and suicide behavior both develop and how to treat them...Read More


Psychology Seminars - Autism Identification, Treatments And Current Research

The Autism Identification, Treatment, and Current Research psychology seminar focuses on how the incidence of Autism Spectrum Disorder has increased considerably in the last two decades...Read More


Social Work CEU Seminars - Inside Bipolar Disorder

The Inside Bipolar Disorder: Understanding Its Development, Presentation and Treatment social work CEU seminar helps individuals to understand better the mindful and objective awareness of what it is to have the bipolar disorder...Read More


Social Work Seminars - Suicide Prevention CE Class - CA, WA

The Suicide Prevention seminar meets the new requirements for California psychologists and the Washington State suicide prevention training requirement for social workers and health professionals...Read More