Overcoming The Fear Of Intimacy - Behavioral Health Seminar

Mental health professionals like yourself always are looking for comprehensive and professional webinars for psychologists. At Professional Psych Seminars, we offer a wide selection of various online courses and webinars to choose from. Overcoming the Fear of Intimacy is a 6.0 CEU credit course that can be done on your own time on a PC or Mac computer. This course dives into the qualities that a person should look for in their partner. Our courses discuss a variety of topics for mental health professionals to explore further including addiction, abuse, trauma, and loss.

More about the Overcoming the Fear of Intimacy Course

This course explains the factors that determine if partners end up experiencing love or pain. This workshop answers important questions by allowing participants to use models that incorporate different frameworks. This creates a better understanding of how to help patients and their intimacy issues. Some of the objectives for this course include being able to identify an aspect of the approach for understanding and conceptualizing your partners’ issues. It will also describe two methods for dealing with negative cognitions that interfere with a couple’s intimacy. Lastly, two techniques that help develop empathy for one another are explored. This course was created by Lisa Firestone, Ph.D., a director of Research and Education with the Glendon Association and an active suicide conference facilitator.

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At Professional Psych Seminars, a private, non-profit educational organization, we pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive course load of assorted topics for mental health professionals to enjoy. Our courses are done on a participant’s own time or are a live seminar at various event venues. We believe in providing comprehensive information to those seeking updated ways to treat their patients most effectively. For more information about our online courses and live seminars or to learn more about Overcoming the Fear of Intimacy Online Course, visit our website at www.psychsem.com or call toll-free at (877) 777-0668 today.