Aging And Long-Term Care - Continuing Ed Psychology

When it comes to finding informative classes concerning aging and long-term care, Professional Psych Seminars offers a two-part online CEU course for health professionals. The class is known as Aging and Long-Term Care: What Mental Health Clinicians Need to Know When Working with Older Adults and Their Families. It is viewable on PCS, MACs, tablets and even smartphones. It features a two-part course that addresses cognitive, psychological, and biological aspects of the aging process. It also features ways on how to both assess and treat common mental health disorders in the elderly.

More about Again and Long-Term Care Course

The aging and long-term care online CEU course also conveniently meets the pre-licensure aging and long-term care requirements for all California marriage and family therapists, MSWs and psychologists. Part 1 of this course focuses on the overview of the aging process. Participants will learn how to learn the differences between normal aging changes in cognitive, intellectual and memory functioning from changes that are caused by a disease. Part 2 will examine common mental health diagnoses and how to assess and treat them. Other topics include LGBT, sexuality, family and couples’ issues as well as death and dying. Both courses are 6.0 credits and can be taken separately or together, whatever the health professional’s preference and needs are.

This online CEU course will list the two important things that can be done to prevent cognitive changes in patients as well as list two common aging myths. It will also describe the biopsychosocial model for properly assessing mental health concerns in elderly patients. Lastly, it will focus on two things that can be done to prevent non-normative cognitive changes. The course is taught by Maximilian E. Fuentes Fuhrmann, Ph.D., ABPP, an American Board of Professional Psychology certified geropsychologist with over 25 years of experience.

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