About Us

Professional Psych Seminars (PPS), founded in 1996, is a private, non-profit educational organization. Ken Bachrach, Ph.D., a psychologist and its founder, was not pleased with continuing education in California. He had attended a class, which relied more on anecdotal stories than research, just when required continuing education for psychologists in California took effect. This class was held in the basement of a church with old wooden tables, metal folding chairs, poor audio, and no food or refreshments. He felt the class environment was one that might be offered to poor college students, not mental health professionals. Dr. Bachrach wanted to offer high quality classes, which integrated theory, research and practice, and provide these classes in an environment where mental health practitioners were treated as professionals. This meant holding events at first-class venues, providing comfortable classroom style seating, offering food throughout the day (continental breakfast, sit-down catered lunch, and afternoon snacks), along with opportunities to network with colleagues. In short, no hassles: just show up, receive high quality education, and be taken care of by competent, organized, and professional staff dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. Dr. Bachrach set up this model for continuing education and taught the first classes, and then recruited experts in the field to teach on a wide variety of topics.

As online courses became more prominent in continuing education, the same focus on high quality continued. Rather than offer simply text on a page or audio classes with slides, PPS developed a customized learning platform that paired video with slides that change in real time, even though it was much more expensive to develop and produce. Now individuals who could not attend the live classes would have access to them online. Classes were broken into small segments of 30 minutes or less, allowing practitioners to come and go as they pleased. All handouts from the live class were provided online. There was no time limit to complete the class, and ongoing access to the class was available after it was completed. If you needed to speak with someone for questions or technical assistance, you could reach a live person, Monday through Friday from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Pacific Time. The goal was to offer high quality, engaging, simple to use, and hassle-free online classes supported by outstanding customer service. This commitment to high quality and outstanding customer service continues to this day, and is the reason why PPS receives so much repeat business by practitioners who demand the best.


Mission Statement

Professional Psych Seminars' mission is to provide high quality continuing education to mental heath professionals. We strive to put on programs that integrate theory, research, and practice, and select faculty who are both stimulating speakers and experts in their field.

Our CE programs aim to help mental health practitioners:

  1. Increase their knowledge of current research and clinical approaches to treatment;
  2. Acquire new skills;
  3. Obtain information and resources that will assist them in maintaining and improving their competence;
  4. Integrate theory, research and practice; and
  5. Offer courses that are relevant to their needs

In addition, PPS is committed to evaluating its effectiveness in meeting these goals on an on-going basis.