Being An Emotionally Mindful Therapist - CEU for Therapists

When you’re looking for MFT CEUs courses where you work at your own pace, Professional Psych Seminars is the answer. Their Being an Emotionally Mindful Therapist - MFT CEUS course runs on computers, tablets and, even smartphones. This 6.0 CEU credit class focuses on emotional mindfulness as a therapist. This workshop also explores a proven process of mindfully connecting and working with our emotions.

More about the Emotionally Mindful Therapist MFT CEU Course

Openness and facilitating of one’s emotions helps to increase effectiveness in one’s life. This course explores the many factors that can impede someone’s ability to be emotionally present. Here we focus on current findings in affective neuroscience and attachment where emotional mindfulness provides a framework for relating to and understanding people better (patients or not). This idea is presented through both demonstration and exercises that will teach participants techniques that can be easily integrated into their life and practice.

This MFT CEU course will explain three techniques to increase engagement, emotional presence, and purpose in one’s life and practice. Next, two specific ways to avoid cutting off emotions are explored. Three strategies on how to regulate distress and anxiety are then explored, as well as tips on how to strengthen observational skills. Created by Ronald F. Frederick, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist and author, this MFT CEU course is a valuable tool for any mental health professional.

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