Psychopharmacology Update For Clinicians - Health Professionals CEU Course

As a healthcare provider, you are constantly looking for ways to better help your patients. Keeping up with the latest technology and medications is an essential part of that process. Psychopharmacology Update for Clinicians, Part 1 provides healthcare providers with the latest information about how medications affect and help those in need. The course allows participants to work at their own pace and get the education necessary to keep their patients ahead of what is necessary to keep them healthy.

More About Psychopharmacology Update for Clinicians, Part 1

In the Psychopharmacology Update for Clinicians, Part 1 course taught by Susan Marie, PMHNP, Ph.D. you will learn what medications will help your patients’ specific issues and which may not work as well. You will learn about the benefits of each of the medications as well as the downside of the medications you might be using. The course will assess the potential dangers of the medications on certain disorders and illnesses as well as how to match the right medication with the patient and their needs. A component of the course also addresses the side effects that can often turn patients away from taking their medications as instructed.

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This online course will provide information about how psychiatric medications work and common misunderstandings. This will include treatment of Major Depressive Disorder such as vulnerable populations like pregnant women, youth, co-occurring substance use disorders, and the elderly. Treatment of Bipolar Disorder including treating clients during a depressive episode along with treatment of Psychosis and other antipsychotic medications and the effective collaboration with prescribing physicians will all be addressed.

You will learn to identify current top-line medications used for the treatment of bipolar disorder, psychosis and major depressive disorder including manic and depressive episodes. You will describe 10 common side effects of the medications and discuss how to manage the side effects as well as identify any potential dangers. Participants will learn to distinguish between conditions and disorders with and discuss the 4 key hazards of treating clients that have bipolar disorder during a depressive episode.

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