Understanding And Treating Intimate Partner Violence - Behavioral Health CEU Training

When you’re looking for continuing education courses that address topics you need guidance in, or you’re just looking for updated information, Professional Psych Seminars is the place to be. One example of a CEU training course is Understanding and Treating Intimate Partner Violence, a 7.0 credit class created by Debbie Murad, LCSW, a clinical supervisor, organizational consultant, and lecturer with over 20 years of trauma-informed experience with intimate partner violence.

More about Understanding and Treating Intimate Partner Violence

This course explores signs, assessment, detection, and intervention methods for intimate partner violence. It runs on PCs, Macs, tablets, and phones, making it convenient to work on coursework at your own pace. This training focuses on how to improve knowledge and skills as well as to effectively address this violence and prevent future occurrences in patients. It also dives into complex issues including traumatic bonding.

The impact on children of this violence and the strategies and treatment methods to use in those situations are also explored. The class also reviews all mandatory reporting laws and protocols in the workplace. The objectives of this CEU training course include learning two red flags and the signs of intimate partner violence. It also considers six characteristics and dynamics of this violence as well as three intervention methods. Lastly, it describes two cultural factors associated with this type of abuse in patients.

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