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When you’re looking for an educational look at depression, try a mental health continuing education course such as The Depressed Brain: Psychobiology of Depression and Implications for Treatment. This class can be conducted on your own time with a PC, Mac, tablet, or phone. Participants earn 6 CEU credits after the completion of this seminar.

More about The Depressed Brain: Psychobiology of Depression and Implications for Treatment Course

Major depressive disorder or MDD is one of the most common mental disorders in America with half of all patients suffering a chronic effect. This in-depth look at this disorder describes the relationship between a genetic risk factor and external stressors that influence episodes. This course also identifies important stress-related changes in the brain that are associated with major depression. Understanding these changes helps mental health professionals provide the best approach to treating their patients. Participants will learn different non-pharmacological approaches to the treatment of depression. Please note that this is an advanced level course and is meant for highly-trained professionals.

Some objectives of this seminar include learning the relationship between genetics and this disorder as well as the antidepressant role and how it is manipulated with or without drugs when treating depressed patients. The instructor, James Graves, Ph.D., Psy.D., also identifies three approaches to treating major depression without the use of medication. Graves is a licensed psychologist in a private clinical practice.

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