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  • Mental Health CEU Trainings Help Improve Your Ability to Treat Clients

    When it comes to mental health CEU trainings, we at Professional Psych Seminars offer a variety of live seminars to choose from. Our latest seminar, Legal and Ethical Guidelines for Managing Difficult Patients and Terminating Treatment, is especially beneficial to nearly any one in the mental health field. These continuing education training programs offer you the chance to network with colleagues and to expand your knowledge base to better serve your clients.

    More about Legal and Ethical Guidelines for Managing Difficult Patients and Terminating Treatment

    During this mental health CEU training course, you will learn three important guidelines for appropriately and legally terminating treatment. You also will learn how to properly describe a patient’s legal battles and how they impact their psychotherapy sessions. Learning to set limits is especially important. Next, you will learn how to define the criteria for legal abandonment so to protect yourself and your practice effectively. This course gives you the tools needed to legally and ethically terminate treatment under many different scenarios. This course covers boundary and limit setting with difficult patients. In your packet of handouts during this seminar, you will receive deposition guidelines and tips on how to respond to licensing board actions.

    Call to Learn More About Continuing Education for Mental Health Professionals

    At Professional Psych Seminars, we offer a multitude of different online and live seminars for continuing education for mental health professionals. Whether you are a marriage and family therapist, social worker, psychologist, nurse, counselor, or any other mental health professional; our high-quality and expertly taught classes provide you the latest in technique and research regarding various mental health topics. To learn more about our course offerings in terms of mental health CEU trainings or to ask any questions, call our customer service team today at 877-777-0668.