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  • Where to Find Continuing Education for Social Workers

    As a clinical social worker, you know how important it is to improve your skills and knowledge through the use of continuing education in social work. The field is constantly changing, and you will need these valuable clinical tools to help serve your clients more effectively. By furthering your education in social work, you can better help the people you serve. Professional Psych Seminars has been offering comprehensive courses for mental health professionals since 1996. We offer live seminars and online courses to suit the needs of any professional looking for CEU education.

    Why choose continuing education for social workers?

    When you choose continuing education for social workers from Professional Psych Seminars, you open yourself up a comprehensive and innovative way to learn that is all online. All of our instructors and their courses are tailored to social workers seeking to continue their education, and are taught by some of the leading experts in the social work and psychology fields. During these CEU courses, you will learn valuable skills that you can integrate into your existing practice.

    With our in-person continuing courses and online seminars, you can maintain your professional license on your own time. We use a user-friendly interface that is simple to maneuver. We also offer various learning options to those with different learning preferences, with both handouts and videos.

    About our Treating Children and Adolescents in Blended Families: Clinical and Legal Issues Course

    Our Treating Children and Adolescents in Blended Families: Clinical and Legal Issues course will provide you with the framework to use for family-based counseling. We focus on parents/step-parents and learning to identify issues related to each individual in a family unit. Some course objectives include describing a legal issue involved in assessing/treating children and teens in blended families, identifying two behavior issues when working with these types of children, and describing a clinical theme that is often expressed by children and their parents/step-parents. Most importantly, this continued education course for social workers meets the law and ethics requirements for licensure renewal and qualifies for the risk management discount with insurance companies.

    Learn About Live Continued Education for Social Workers Today

    Learn more about live continuing education for social workers. These CEU courses help you to take your career to the next level. At Professional Psych Seminars, our continuing education courses for social workers are top-notch quality as they are taught by leading experts in the field. Expand your education with our continuing education courses. To learn more about our processes and/or our course offerings, call us toll-free at (877) 777-0668 or (805) 371-9443 today. Don’t hesitate to explore continuing education courses!