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  • How Suicide Prevention Classes in CA are Saving Lives

    For those that work in the behavioral health field, taking suicide prevention classes will increase your understanding and knowledge regarding the latest research and treatment of suicide. The knowledge that you gain from continuing education courses can improve your approach and the overall quality of service you provide your clients. At Professional Psych Seminars, we offer a suicide prevention course which touches on this sensitive topic. This continuing education course improve the care of those who are ready to help suicidal individuals across the nation.

    Do Suicide Prevention Classes in CA Give Me Continuing Education Credits?

    When you complete a suicide prevention class in California, you will receive a certain number of credits for the course you choose. Whether you’re looking to simply update your skills or looking for the latest information on suicide prevention, our continuing education mental health courses are designed to offer practical solutions to reduce suicide incidents.

    Most individuals that attempt suicide have an undiagnosed mental health condition that leads to these thoughts and then actions to end their life. These same people have never had a therapist to provide them with the necessary care and support needed to address their depression and hopelessness. As a mental health professional, you are in a great space to notice depression symptoms and/or signs of suicide in your clients. Take the proper steps toward saving a life today.

    Suicide Prevention: New Interventions That Work Course

    This continuing education course is the best time to update the important skills related to suicide assessment and intervention in your practice. This course highlights evidence-based practices which have been proven to be successful at reducing suicide. These include suicide safety plans, zero suicide approaches, and means reduction skills. During this class, you will learn how to adapt your own skills to assess and intervene with higher risk populations, such as teenagers, veterans, the elderly, and the LGBTQ community. This class also meets the new requirement for Suicide Prevention Training for California psychologists.

    Course objectives for the course Suicide Prevention: New Interventions That Work include:

    • Describing three ways in which crisis increases the effectiveness of the intervention
    • Differentiating outdated beliefs from evidence-based knowledge regarding suicide prevention
    • Listing three critical factors to consider when providing intervention and suicide risk assessment to veterans
    • Describing the six important steps of a suicide safety plan

    To learn more about what Professional Psych Seminars offers in terms of continuing education courses, or to ask questions about the Suicide Prevention: New Interventions That Work course, visit our website at or call toll-free at (877) 777-0668 today.