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  • Why Continuing Education for Mental Health Professionals

    When it comes to mental health professionals working in marriage and family therapy, social work, or psychology; it’s important to stay on top of the latest research and innovative practices by continuing your education as a mental health professional. This helps to ensure that they are effectively serving and helping their clients in the best way possible. One way to stay on top of these important changes in the mental health industry is to take continuing education for mental health professionals. These educational programs integrate theory, research, and practice together through professional psych seminars.

    Choosing Continuing Education Classes

    Continuing education, also known as CE or CEUs, are mandated in many states to renew someone’s mental health license whether they are a nurse, licensed professional counselor, licensed clinical social workers, psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist. There are many advantages to continuing education beyond just meeting a requirement required by the state. These continuing education programs give helpful information during live classes as well as allow mental health professionals to network with colleagues and to make new connections in their field.

    How Professional Psych Seminars Can Help You

    When it comes to learning about the ever-changing developments in the mental health field, finding continuing education classes that both meet state licensing requirements and provide the latest in research information is beneficial. There are both in-person and online classes to choose from. This allows mental health professionals to select the type of experience they’re looking for and works best for their schedule too. Some people may choose to learn online at home following their own pace to learn and on their own schedule.

    When you’re looking for continuing education classes for mental health professionals, choose those that offer a no-risk guarantee such as at Professional Psych Seminars with over 20 years of experience helping professionals like you. We offer discounts for live classes, a rewards program for live courses and free transcript reports of classes you have taken from us over a lifetime. To learn more about your continuing education needs, call us today at 877-777-0668.