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  • Continuing Education Units for Counselors: Seminars

    The Need for Counselor Seminars

    In a May 9th, 2018 piece by NPR,  Demand For Veteran Counseling Puts Stress On The Counselors, demands the need for reform regarding counseling reform at Vet Centers. It states that combat veterans from the Vietnam-era through the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars are steadily coming to vet center counselors for much-needed relief with their depression or post-traumatic stress. But, because The Department of Veteran Affairs altered the way it measures counselor productivity, officials switched from time tracking during time spent with patients to overall headcount. As a result, counseling services and personnel began to suffer. Instead of prioritizing time spent with higher-need patients and managing their administrative tasks - treatment plans, staffing, consultation, etc. - counselors are being forced to reach a minimum number of clients reached each week, thus reducing the actual care received by patients. While there are a number of factors at play here, the need for qualified counselors remains. Therefore, if you are a counselor with an expiring license or an individual looking to gain their counselors’ license and appropriate certificates, consider a course by one of our highly rated and professionally trained instructors to host you. Through participation in one of our continuing education units for counselor seminars, you will receive state required credits for your involvement.

    Counselor for PTSD

    If you are a counselor working in a veteran center and in need of credits to continue practicing, John Preston, Psy.D. a Professor of Psychology with Alliant International University, instructs the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Practical Treatment Approaches course. As rates of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have increased sharply due to negative experiences accrued in combat, John will cover how combat-related PTSD needs to be addressed within the returning veteran and their family.