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  • Continuing Education Units - Live Seminars for Counselors in CA

    Counseling Renewal

    Are you a California counselor looking to renew a license or certificate, increase job opportunities, or develop your knowledge or career? Looking to participate in a CEU (continuing education unit) in a live seminar with your peers across the state? Consider one of our CEU live seminars for counselors in CA. As a counselor, you understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest training. At, we are proud to offer live, in-person classes for professionals that seek a hands-on, collaborative learning environment with fellow students and a qualified instructor. In addition, offers additional benefits to in-person classes for counselors. These include discounts for live courses, a platinum rewards program for our live courses, free transcripts and reports of your classes, and incredible customer service. When your skills and certifications need updating, choose a live seminar from

    Confronting Suicide Through Prevention

    One of our offered suicide prevention classes is taught by Susan Marie, Ph.D. –  Suicide Prevention: New Interventions That Work. Lending to her expertise, Dr. Marie is a licensed psychiatric nurse practitioner with a specialization in psychopharmacology for complex patients as well as professional consulting experience. This course focuses on a development of your skills in suicide assessment and intervention. Course highlights include evidence-based practices, proven to be more effective at reducing suicide, introduction to zero suicide approaches, and development of safety plans. Particularly, this course will focus on skill adaptation and intervention of high-risk populations including veteran, teen, elderly, and LGBTQ clients. Counselors will walk away with a knowledge of three ways understanding crisis can increase the effectiveness of intervention, differentiating between 5 current and outdated beliefs of evidence-based prevention practices, the six steps in the creation of a suicide safety plan, and identifying three important factors when providing assessment and intervention with veterans.