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  • Behavioral Health Seminars from Professional Psych Seminars

    Behavioral health is the study of the behaviors, emotions, and biology related to a person’s mental well-being and their ability to function daily. It is a term preferred over mental health and focuses on those experiencing stress, anxiety, grief, addiction, mood disorders, relationship problems, or learning disabilities. Behavioral health seminars from Professional Psych Seminars can help professionals like you stay on top of the latest research and techniques in behavioral health. We can help you better serve your clients while you continue to be a knowledgeable behavioral health professional within your community.

    Understanding and Treating Grief and Loss

    At Professional Psych Seminars, we offer a variety of behavioral health seminars including Understanding and Treating Grief and Loss. This course runs on Macs and PCs and focuses on pragmatic skills to assess and treat grieving clients. You will learn how to work with the bereaved, learn how to treat all types of grief, and how to recognize it in your patients/clients.  One of the course objectives for this behavioral health seminar is learning the difference between uncomplicated, complicated and traumatic grief. You will also know how to identify risk factors that increase the possibility of experiencing grief as well as two ways to help clients move forward.

    Learn More About Behavioral Health Seminars Today

    Take your career to the next level with Professional Psych Seminars and our selection of behavioral health seminars. Our continuing education courses or seminars for mental health professionals will strongly benefit your professional practice as well as expand your knowledge base. We offer many online and live seminars to choose from, designed to suit your schedule and topic preference. To learn more about our seminar offerings and to have any of your questions answered, call us at (877) 777-0668.