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  • The Benefits of MFT Continuing Education

    The professionals at Professional Psych Seminars know that the mental health field is fulfilling, engaging, strenuous, and ever-changing. To keep mental health professionals current on evolving research and to ensure that you remain able to effectively do your job as an MFT, most states regulate licensure with various requirements. One of the main considerations to maintain your license to practice is earning continuing education hours. There are various ways to obtain those credits, and there are many benefits to signing up for classes.

    The most obvious benefit is that you get to keep your job. There are many other benefits, however, such as learning invaluable tools to use in your practice. As research progresses, recommendations change, and new information comes to light, it is important to stay current in the field.Continuing education classes are an opportunity to integrate research, theory, and practice in order to make you better at what you do.

    If you attend live classes, you get the opportunity to network with other professionals. Oftentimes, people overlook this perk, but creating and maintaining a network of other mental health professionals is invaluable. Overall, as you plan your professional goals, you have options. Live classes, webinars, and online classes can be used to maintain licensure while meeting your needs and schedule.

    When the time comes to sign up for continuing education credits in the mental health field, check out Professional Psych Seminars and their many options to advance your career and stay on top of changes in the field.