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  • Live Webinars Have Replaced Live In-Person CE Classes During COVID-19

    Professional Psych Seminars has transitioned from offering live, in-person continuing education classes to live webinars using Zoom as its platform.  This transition occurred in March 2020, when COVID-19 made it impossible to hold in-person events and Professional Psych Seminars’ commitment to abide by necessary infection control practices.

    Professional Psych Seminars revamped its website and behind the scenes made many changes to make it easy for psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed marriage and family therapists and licensed professional counselors to sign-up for these live webinars and have all of the materials of a live class on their personal home page, which includes the handouts, agenda and the link for the webinar. 

    Live Webinars are 6 hours of live teaching and run 7 hours, with two 10-minute breaks and one 40-minute break. You receive 6.0 CE credits for completing a live webinar.  We use Zoom as our platform.  On the day of the webinar you log into your account (the same one you used to purchase the class) and click on the “click to start” link for that class, which is live 30 minutes prior to the webinar start time. This will start Zoom and you will be able to view the instructor and the slides.   You will have an opportunity to ask questions and write comments in the chat box.  Most classes have polls for you to answer during the class.  At the end of the class you take a 20-item post-test, complete the course evaluation, and receive your certificate.  You have on-going access to the handouts and the certificate after the webinar.  Live Webinars are interactive classes and count as live classes.

    Our Live Webinars have received outstanding reviews and most people like to convenience of being about to take a class from the convenience of their home or office and not having to spend time traveling to the venue.  It has opened up these live classes to people outside of the local area where in-person classes were offered, providing live offerings to those who otherwise could not attend such a class.

    Learn More About Live Webinars for Psychologists

    At Professional Psych Seminars, we explore a variety of topics in our large range of On-Demand courses and live webinars for mental health professionals. For more information about our online courses, visit our website or call our professional team at 877-777-0668 for answers to your questions.