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    For mental health professionals, Professional Psych Seminars offers a variety of continuing education courses to choose from. The Understanding Interpersonal Violence and Suicide: Treatment and Preventative Approaches course is taken online and can be viewed on a MAC, PC, tablet or even a phone. This course examines how interpersonal aggressive behavior and suicidal behaviors develops and how to treat both them effectively. Various intervention approaches are critiqued by the instructor, Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D. He is the current Research Director of the Melissa Institute for Violence Prevention and one of the founders of Cognitive Behavior Therapy too.

    Understanding the Interpersonal Violence and Suicide: Treatment and Preventative Approaches Online CE Course

    This MFT CE course looks at evidence-based interventions, including Cognitive Behavior Therapy for patients who have depression. It discusses how to implement psychotherapy core tasks with suicidal and depressed patients. You will learn how to assess risk potential and when to predict intimate partner violence and even suicide. The main focus of this MFT CE course is to learn how to implement preventative and treatment interventions in different settings, including working with aggressive, angry and suicidal clients.

    Some objectives of this course include risk factors associated with aggression, ways that trainers can enhance treatment effects with aggressive patients, and even risk factors for assessing suicidal potential.

    Learn More About MFT CE Courses About Suicide

    At Professional Psych Seminars, we explore a variety of topics in our large range of online courses and live webinars, including suicide and intimate partner violence. We believe in offering a wide variety of courses that suits the need of any mental health professional looking for MFT CE courses to complete. For more information about our online courses or to learn more about the Understanding Interpersonal Violence and Suicide online course, visit our website at or call our professional team at 877-777-0668 for answers to your questions.