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  • Behavioral Health Continuing Education

    Smart phones, laptops, iPads and the digital age in general have all made it possible to meet people online and to find romantic partners of all kinds with a single click. Young people and others can act out their emotional issues via text or webcam with partners on the Internet whenever they have a spare moment. The feeling of instant gratification that this brings to some can become quite addicting and can present a real challenge for those in the field of mental health. Professional Psych Seminars offers behavioral health continuing education that explores this brave new digital world and helps both mental health professionals and their clients to find a foundation for building real and rewarding relationships.

    Challenges to Romance, Intimacy and Fidelity and Attachment in the Digital Age CE Webinar

    The internet has impacted our relationships and how we communicate with one another. There is online dating, hook up apps, and online porn.  This has created new challenges to those in real life relationships, since there are now many online temptations which can impact the relationship, lead to infidelity, and even sex addiction/compulsivity Individuals and couples are now presenting to therapists with these issues, and clinicians need to be knowledgeable about this new online reality and how to help their clients.  The Professional Psych Seminars Course, "Sex, Porn and Addiction:  Challenges to Romance, Intimacy, Fidelity and Attachment in the Digital Age" is a great behavioral health continuing education tool that is designed to help both professionals and their clients to overcome these modern challenges.

    Continuing Online Education For Today's Complex World

    There is no doubt that the world has been changed forever by the advent of technology and the Internet. Finding balance and identity in this complex world is a challenge for everyone, and behavioral health continuing education is a useful tool provided by Professional Psych Seminars that can truly help. Our courses offer the most recent evidence-based information on course topics to keep professionals effective and up-to-date. Check out our web page and view our comprehensive list of online courses. Call us today at 877-777-0668 or visit our website at and let us help you deal with today's modern challenges.