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  • Behavioral Health Seminars for Continuing Education

    As a mental health professional, behavioral health seminars help you to stay abreast on the latest research on topics that relate to your patients. Our continuing education seminars at Professional Psych SEM offer you the chance to work at your own pace from a computer, tablet or even your phone. There is no deadline for when you need to complete your course. We also offer a refund to anyone who is not satisfied with the behavioral health seminars they purchase.

    Mastering the Nine Pillars of Resilience and Success CEU Seminar

    The Mastering the Nine Pillars of Resilience and Success course offers tips on how to use the resilience and optimal functioning model with your patients. It also helps those with stress, stress-related symptoms and anxiety. After this seminar, you will be able to determine if a patient is on or off optimal functioning and if they’re off, to get them back on it. The course will help you to identify and address problems with development that may have affected your patients’ emotional stress and pain. A resilience questionnaire can be used as a quick assessment to determine a person’s resilience profile at your practice.

    Stephen Sideroff, Ph.D. is the instructor of this behavioral health seminar. He is an internationally-recognized consultant, psychologist and expert in addition, neurofeedback, stress, and resilience. He is also the founder and former Clinical Director of the Stress Strategies Programs at the UCLA/Santa Monica Hospital. He is the author of several self-help audio programs and a new book, The Path: Mastering the Nine Pillars of Resilience and Success.

    Learn More About Behavioral Health Seminar Options from Professional Psych Seminars

    When you’re looking for behavioral health seminars for mental health professionals, Professional Psych Seminars offers a variety to choose from. These continuing education courses are taught by seasoned experts in the mental health field and help you to learn valuable skills that you can apply to your practice. To learn more about our behavioral health seminars and to sign up for any of our CEUs online, call our professional team today at 877-777-0668 or visit our website at