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  • Live Continuing Education for Psychologists

    The field of mental health is constantly growing in scope and demands that its practitioners stay abreast of the latest research findings and evidence-based practices. However, after working long hours with clients, it's tough for professionals to commute to classes for continuing education. That's why live continuing education for psychologists can be offered online is such a great idea. Professional Psych Seminars offer a variety of live webinars and courses that help mental health professionals keep up with the latest information on their responsibilities toward their clients and on ways to ensure their welfare. This helps practitioners in mental health fields to stay in alignment with recent legislation and ethical standards.

    Client Welfare and Therapist Responsibility CEU Seminar

    No matter how well-trained or experienced a mental health professional may be, he or she is still human and has a set of values and beliefs that have been built over time. Even the most objective and non-judgmental of professionals may occasionally find that these values and beliefs interfere with the treatment and welfare of a client/patient. An essential part of being successful in the field of mental health is to maintain an introspective mindset, always questioning one's own motives in working with a client. The Professional Psych Seminars course, "Law and Ethics:  Client Welfare and Therapist Responsibility" is live continuing education for psychologists that helps therapists understand the legal aspects of their practice as well as how their own biases may interfere with the effectiveness of therapy. The course also deals with legal issues involving the suicidal patient and with privacy issues created by modern technology.

    Ongoing Learning Empowers Mental Health Professionals

    Live continuing education for psychologists is a great way to deliver ongoing learning that empowers mental health professionals. Professional Psych Seminars has courses that are designed to keep practitioners involved with the latest findings and developments in various areas of mental health. Staying current is easy with our extensive list of interesting and relevant courses. To learn more, check out our web page and browse our list of courses and live webinars.  Call us today at 877-777-0668 or visit our website at and become a part of the exciting world of online learning.