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  • Psychology Continuing Education Online

    The goal of those who work in the field of mental health is to help the client become well enough to be able to live a rewarding life. No matter what area of mental health a therapist comes from, whether it's social work, counseling, or long-term psychotherapy, the idea is to help the patient learn to live within society's boundaries, to be able to form meaningful relationships, and to be empowered to care for himself or herself effectively. Sometimes, however, even the best of efforts may fail. When that happens, a therapist must understand how to terminate a therapeutic relationship in the best possible way for all concerned. Professional Psych Seminars offers psychology continuing education online that addresses this scenario and gives the therapist practice in properly terminating a therapeutic relationship.

    Managing Difficult Patients and Terminating Treatment

    Even in the most effective mental health practices, there will be times when a therapist is overwhelmed by a difficult patient/client or discovers the need to terminate treatment. This can occur for several reasons, some of which include the fact that the client's issues are simply beyond the scope of the therapist's ability to help. In this case, a referral elsewhere may be appropriate. However, there is always legal liability involved, and a therapist must act carefully in order to avoid accusations of abandonment. The Professional Psych Seminars course, "Legal and Ethical Guidelines for Managing Difficult Patients and Terminating Treatment" helps therapists learn about the laws and guidelines that cover the various scenarios related to ending a therapeutic relationship.

    Online Education in Psychology Helps You Be Your Best

    The field of mental health is often challenging due to the many legal and ethical issues that arise in dealing with troubled clients/patients. Regardless of what discipline you practice, mental health is a dynamic field that is constantly expanding and growing. Having a source of online continuing education like Professional Psych Seminars is crucial for keeping up with the latest knowledge and developments in your field.  To stay up to date, check out our list of online courses and select any one at no risk to you. Call us today at 877-777-0668 or visit our website at and learn how online education can help you be your best.