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  • Mental Health CEU Courses

    As mental health professionals, you must continuously take various continuing education courses annually. This helps you to learn the latest information and research about topics that you deal with in your practice or facility. At Professional Psych Seminars, we offer various courses for you to choose and take at your own pace as we don’t have a time-completion for our courses. This allows you to work during your free time to complete necessary coursework.

    Integrating New Brain Science Into Psychotherapy CE Course

    The Integrating New Brain Science Into Psychotherapy course addresses how professionals deal with psychology, neuroscience, and genetics. Neurodevelopmental changes are usually ignored during someone’s therapy. There has been a lot of recent research on how teens and aging brains can be affected and how to help these patients as a psychologist. Understanding how chronic stress makes depression and anxiety worse is important too.

    This mental health CEU course explains the role that attachment and early life plays into how the mind develops. It also takes time to explore different types of memory and emotions and how therapy can help. The mental health CEU course also describes three ways the brain changes as one ages.

    About OurMental Health CEU Programs

    Mental health professionals like you need professional mental health CEU programs that help you to meet continuing education requirements each year. At Professional Psych Seminars, we offer over 60 courses. All of these mental health CEUs can be done online at your own pace on a user-friendly interface. To learn more about our mental health CEU programs, call our team today at 877-777-0668 or visit our website at to learn how your patients can benefit from you learning this helpful information and how you can apply it to your practice.