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  • Continuing Education For Psychologists

    The act of marrying implies that a person has chosen a partner as someone with whom they believe they can live a rewarding life, facing its challenges together. When one partner chooses to betray the other with infidelity, the very foundation of the marriage is shaken, and there is emotional trauma that may reignite past traumas as well. When a mental health professional intervenes, he or she will find that both types of trauma, past and present, will need to be addressed as part of the healing process. Professional Psych Seminars offer continuing education for psychologists that empower those in the field of mental health to use evidence-based approaches to help heal those in a committed relationship in which infidelity has occurred.

    Rebuilding Trust After a Marital Affair Online Webinar

    Often, after a marital affair, trust is broken so badly that the marriage cannot be repaired. In that case, a divorce may be the best solution. However, depending upon the strength of the initial bond between the partners, it is sometimes possible to heal the trauma of infidelity and to make the marriage even stronger. When this has occurred, help from a mental health practitioner may be invaluable. The Professional Psych Seminars course, "Healing From the Trauma of Infidelity: Helping Clients Rebuild Trust and Foster Forgiveness After an Affair" offers continuing education for psychologists that gives training from leading experts in couples therapy who have experience in successfully dealing with this issue. The course addresses the common communication problems that happen in couples that can lead to an extramarital affair.

    Helping Clients Heal With Continuing Online Education

    It's always a challenge for modern mental health professionals to stay current with the latest and best evidence-based knowledge on mental health topics. However, Professional Psych Seminars can help them to do just that. Helping clients heal with continuing education for psychologists and other mental health professionals is what we do best, with a comprehensive list of courses that are all designed by the experts in the field. To find out more, check out our web page and see what we have to offer.  Call us today at 877-777-0668 or visit our website at and let us help you meet your CEU requirements and stay current.