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  • Continuing Education For Mental Health Professionals

    Today's mental health professionals work with clients who live during times that are dynamic and often chaotic. While book learning, formal education and hours spent in supervised therapy are an important part of a therapist's training, they still do not prepare the therapist for all of the realities that he or she will face when dealing with clients in the real world. Those who supervise therapists must realize that all too often, the challenges that these therapists will encounter will sometimes go beyond what is taught in a college curriculum. To adequately prepare these therapists for the world they will face, their supervisors must understand many principles of confidentiality, ethics, and integrity, and continuing education for mental health professionals can help.

    Learning Clinical Supervision For Mental Health Professionals

    The supervision that a mental health trainee receives during the early course of their employment as a therapist is often the foundation of his or her career. The Professional Psych Seminars Course, "Clinical Supervision: Best Practices" helps supervisors and trainees to develop a meaningful supervision contract that is beneficial for them both. This continuing education for mental health professionals’ course also details the evidence-based practices that cover various mental health disciplines and have been shown to create a successful mental health learning environment for the practicing trainee. Throughout the course, a multicultural and diverse perspective is integrated into the learning material, and constructive feedback is linked to client outcome data as well as the performance of the mental health trainee.

    Great Online Education Makes a Tremendous Difference

    As a modern mental health professional, whether you're a psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, or in another mental health discipline, you can broaden your professional horizons and benefit greatly from online education with Professional Psych Seminars.  Our no-risk policy lets you view any course for three days, and if you are not satisfied, your money will be refunded in full. Those who fail to pass the CE exam with 75% or better score may retake the test once at no additional charge.   Online learning is a great way to absorb useful information in the privacy of your home, during your own hours. Call us today at 877-777-0668 or visit our website at and check out what we have to offer.