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  • Get Continuing Education Credits with Professional Psych Seminars Courses

    If you're looking for user-friendly continuing education courses, Professional Psych Seminars is the answer. They offer the latest information about a variety of topics that apply to mental health professionals, and their online course offerings can be done on your schedule, as there is no time limit to finish them.

    Being emotionally mindful is especially essential for those in the mental health field, dealing with sensitive patients and topics. Their 6.0 credit course taught by licensed psychologist Ronald F. Frederick, Ph.D., can help you be exactly that.

    About the Being an Emotionally Mindful Therapist Course

    The Being An Emotionally Mindful Therapist course focuses on one’s openness to someone’s emotion. This skill set allows for the effectiveness of treatment. As such, this CEU course offers participants a way to connect with and to understand their feelings and their job as a mental health professional, also exploring how one’s emotional range can become constricted. Some topics that will be discussed include attachment, neuroplasticity, and affective neuroscience. Participants with further learn techniques that can be integrated into their life and practice.

    Learn More About Online Education CEU Courses for Mental Health Professionals

    If you need to find courses that meet your continuing education requirements, Professional Psych Seminars has an extensive list to choose from. All courses are taught by experts in the field and cover material that can be used by any mental health professional. These courses can also be done on your own time, as there’s no time limit to finish them. This makes them ideal for a busy professional lifestyle. To learn more about the courses we offer and how we can help meet your professional continuing education needs, call us at (877) 777-0668 or visit our website at today.