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  • Professional Psych Seminars Courses Provide the Latest Evidence-Based Knowledge

    As a mental health professional, your day is filled with challenges, and, to serve your patients well, you need to make every moment count. You know that going out into the field without the skills and knowledge you need will make you less productive, more frustrated, and make the job itself more difficult. To help you become the best mental health professional you can be, you need the best in online continuing education courses. You'll find access to those at Professional Psych Seminars. Our courses are designed for professionals like you, by experts in the field.  Using the most up-to-date information to help your female patients with their addiction problems will make you an effective therapist.

    Women and Addiction

    Over the past thirty years, our knowledge and understanding of the treatment needs of women with addictive disorders have increased dramatically. The Professional Psych Seminars course, Women and Addiction: A Trauma-Informed Approach, uses an evidence-based approach to address the unique need of women with substance use disorders. Since most women with histories of addiction also have histories of trauma, this course deals with trauma-informed techniques that are therapeutic specifically to women. The course also discusses treatment strategies that are designed to aid women through the recovery process, with an emphasis on the key issues of self, relationships, sexuality, and spirituality.

    Your Source for Quality Online Continuing Education

    The field of mental health is dynamic, and keeping pace with the latest in evidence-based information takes time and energy. You need courses that reflect the work and education of the front-line experts in the field. Professional Psych Seminars online courses are no-risk and have no time limit for access. Our instructors are experienced professionals with extensive education who specialize in the course topics they present. Call us today at (877) 777-0668 or visit our website at to explore what we have to offer.