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  • Professional Psych Seminars Courses Keep You Up-To-Date on Working with Older Adults

    Aging gracefully isn't always a given, and our competitive, youth-oriented society seldom helps us prepare for it when it comes. As a result, mental health professionals will encounter a variety of health and well-being issues among patients as they get older. Having access to the latest information regarding these geropsychology issues from experts in the field provides mental health professionals with a toolbox they can take with them on the job. Professional Psych Seminars offers you this toolbox in the form of online courses that are relevant, user-friendly, and comprehensive.

    More on Aging, Long-Term Care, Couples and Families, and Death and Dying

    If you've studied our online course, Aging and Long-Term Care: What Mental Health Clinicians Need to Know When Working with Older Adults and Their Families Part 1, then you may be interested in Part 2, which discusses some of the common mental health diagnoses that are found among the elderly. Part 2 also presents treatment plans for these diagnoses and examines various issues related to aging, such as those regarding sexuality and the LGBT community, family, death, and dying. Working with the elderly is different from working with younger adults. As such, this course will provide you with strategies as to how to approach elderly patients with mental health issues. 

    Cutting Edge Online Continuing Education

    To become the most effective mental health professional, you can be, take advantage of the state-of-the-art online continuing education that Professional Psych Seminars has to offer. Our no-risk courses are easy to access and have no time limits for use. Because they're available 24/7 online, you can learn when you want to, and it need not interfere with your busy schedule. Our well-designed courses are taught by experts in the field and will do much more for you than help you get your certification renewed; they'll enhance your enjoyment of your work and make it more meaningful for you. Call us today at (877) 777-0668 or visit our website at and take advantage of our cutting-edge online continuing education.