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  • Professional Psych Seminars Helps Professionals with Challenges Faced by Couples

    While many people are waiting to marry until they are older to make sure they're ready for the next step in the relationship, the advent of technology and the Internet poses many challenges to those in committed relationships. As a marriage and family counselor or other mental health professionals, you'll encounter couples who come to you with issues that are related to this complex digital world. How will you meet the challenge? Professional Psych Seminars offers you information from experts in the field, who work with these issues every day. Equipped with this relevant knowledge, you can become a more powerful practitioner.

    The Digital Age and Intimacy, Fidelity, and Romance

    The internet has impacted many issues surrounding sex, intimacy, dating and relationships over the past three decades. With the availability of online access to app-based hook-ups and internet porn, the mean of the word’s relationship, infidelity and personal privacy have changed, and have created challenges for clinicians, spouses, and couples. The Professional Psych Seminars course, "Sex, Porn and Addiction: Challenges to Romance, Intimacy, Fidelity, and Attachment in the Digital Age" offers you the latest information on this widespread phenomenon that you can use to help your patients and their families.

    Continuing Education That Meets Today's Challenges

    Technology has changed our world and our lives. It has changed the gap that exists between pre-technology generations and the current one. Not only that, but it's changing so quickly that sometimes all we can do as professionals are kept up. When you're looking for continuing education options, make sure you choose the best. Professional Psych Seminars knows that your time is essential, which is why we offer you relevant and meaningful online courses that will best equip you for the challenges you face at work. Call us today at (877) 777-0668 or visit our website at and let us help you keep up with the pace of today's mental health field.