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  • Professional Psych Seminars Helps You Understand Bipolar Disease

    Bipolar disorder is a somewhat common mental illness in the United States. Nearly three percent of all adolescents have bipolar disorder, and this is probably an underestimate as there may be many undiagnosed cases. The percentage is slightly lower for adults, but again, many cases go unreported. Even if you're new in the mental health field, you are likely to encounter patients with bipolar disorder, many of which can be significantly disabled by it. To deal with the challenges that this disorder presents, you need to be armed with knowledge. Professional Psych Seminars offers you online education that's taught by the experts in the field.

    Understanding Bipolar Disorder

    If you work with patients who have bipolar disorder, it is essential that you understand it. The Professional Psych Seminars online course, "Inside Bipolar Disorder: Understanding Its Development, Presentation, and Treatment" is a comprehensive course that discusses the brain changes associated with bipolar disorder, the use of medications and psychotherapy in treatment, and the impact the disease has on the patient's family. This course will support you in learning to talk about the illness with your clients and their families and will help you develop empathy for those with the condition. The course instructor has trained over 35,000 professionals about bipolar disorder over nine years and will use his knowledge and experience to help you develop in your craft.

    Continuing Education That Meets Your Needs

    Working in the field of mental health is challenging. To be an effective practitioner, you need continuing education that does more than meet your CEU requirements. You need the latest, evidence-based information from experts in the field who handle the front lines with excellent results. Professional Psych Seminars has online courses that provide that for you. Whatever your discipline or license, we can help you stay at the forefront of your field. Call us today at (877) 777-0668 or visit our website at  and learn more about our extensive list of comprehensive courses.