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  • Professional Psych Seminars Helps Professionals Treat Widespread Issues

    Just about all mental health professionals know that a common complaint of those with mental health challenges is insomnia. While there is no magic wand to make it go away, it's possible to learn about an effective treatment modality through Professional Psych Seminars. Our online education courses will not only help you meet your CEU requirements but also help you find solutions to the mental health issues that challenge you in your career every day, like insomnia. Using the knowledge that you acquire from our online courses, then, will make you a happier and more effective mental health practitioner.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Is Effective for Insomnia

    Difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep is a persistent and troubling problem many people struggle with. To add to the misery, insomnia often makes any mental health issue that already exists even worse. However, there's hope. Cognitive behavioral therapy is very useful for treating insomnia and very adaptable to patients with a variety of mental health disorders. The Professional Psych Seminars course "Helping Patients Sleep: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia" presents the cognitive-behavioral model for treatment of insomnia and describes how to implement and modify it when necessary.

    Enjoy the Benefits of Great Online Education

    Whether you're a psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, licensed professional counselor, or other mental health professionals, you can enjoy the benefits of great online education with Professional Psych Seminars. Our no-risk online courses have no time limit for access and cover topics that are relevant to your daily practice.  To learn more about what we have to offer, call us at (877) 777-0668 or visit our website at today.