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  • Continuing Education for Psychologists in Florida

    At Professional Psych Seminar, we offer a variety of seminars and courses for continuing education for psychologists in Florida. Our continuing education options are the highest quality and use an innovative platform that accommodates busy schedules. We are an approved provider for psychologists with the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling as well as the Florida Board of Psychology.

    How Our Customized Learning Platform Works

    Our learning platform uses both video with slides that change in real time. For those that can’t attend live classes, they can also have access to them online with our platform. There is no time limit to finish your continuing education courses for psychologists in Florida. Our goal was to provide an engaging, hassle-free, and simple to use way to access online courses. We also pride ourselves on giving outstanding customer service to our customers too. This is why at Professional Psych Seminars, we get so much repeat business.

    Our online courses for continuing education for psychologists in Florida allow our students to view video of the presenter and watch the slides change in real time. They also can read the same handouts that were given to those that attended the live seminar. They also can come and go as they please. They must just answer a few questions after each segment to continue.

    Completion of One’s Courses

    After all of the questions are answered, the test is submitted for approval. After someone completes their course successfully, they can print out their certificate online right then (or come back later to print it). This is especially helpful for those that may misplace their certificate as they can come back at a later date to re-print it. After someone finishes one of our courses, we automatically report it to CEBroker. The name and license number of the person who completed the course as well as the date of completion are all recorded.

    Learn More About Our Continuing Education Options For Psychologists

    At Professional Psych Seminars, we offer continuing education for psychologists in Florida. To learn more about our selection of CE seminars, visit our website at today.