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  • How Suicide Prevention Classes in CA are Saving Lives

    For those in the behavioral health field, taking suicide prevention classes in CA or any other state can shed light on topics that you may have never heard. Furthermore, the knowledge that you take away from these courses can improve your overall quality of service and how you approach your clients.

    Intervention is one of the most important things a behavioral therapist must emphasize to prevent suicidal thoughts from turning into suicidal behavior. At Professional Psych Seminars (PPS), we offer a variety of suicide prevention courses that touch upon topics to help people become more willing and ready to help those that having thoughts of suicide.

    Do Suicide Prevention Classes in CA Provide Credits?

    Upon completion of one of our suicide prevention classes in CA, you will receive a designated number of credits that are dependent on the course. Whether you’re looking to update your skills in assessment and intervention or just looking for additional information, these courses are designed to help provide practical solutions to reducing suicide.

    Most people that attempt suicide have a mental health condition that went undiagnosed. Additionally, these same people have never seen a behavioral therapist to provide them with the care and support they need to thrive. As a healthcare professional, you are in a unique position to notice any symptoms of depression and signs of suicide. Take the right step towards saving a life today.

    How Can Suicide Prevention Classes in CA Help Me?

    Depending on the suicide prevention classes in CA that you take, you’ll learn about different safety plans, confidence boosters, and means reduction skills, that you’ll need to prevent suicide. Each class offers something new and innovative that can directly translate to the work field. At PPS, each of our courses meets the requirements for Suicide Prevention training.