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  • Professional Psych Seminars (PPS) & Suicide Prevention Continuing Education (CE)

    Suicide is indeed the act of intentionally causing one's death, and unfortunately, it is poised as one of the leading causes of death in the United States of America.

    For the comprehensive and leading-edge suicide prevention continuing education (CE) you need, consider Professional Psych Seminars (PPS).

    You As A Suicide Prevention Professional

    The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) cites that suicide has various and complex causes, determined by various factors humans encounter. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding suicide, the CDC states the goal of the prevention of suicide: “Reduce factors that increase risk (i.e, risk factors) and increase factors that promote resilience (i.e, protective factors). Ideally, prevention addresses all levels of influence: individual, relationship, community, and societal. Effective prevention strategies are needed to promote awareness of suicide and encourage a commitment to social change.”  

    As a suicide prevention professional, it is paramount that you stay abreast of the latest information, methods, and strategies to help individuals. Professional Psych Seminars (PPS) provides continuing education about suicide prevention that offers professionals an opportunity to renew skills in suicide assessment and intervention. PPS’ classes help suicide prevention professionals with the latest practices, methods and approaches to suicide prevention, which have proven success. 

    As a seasoned suicide prevention professional, PPS will complement your skill set with innovative and practical coursework that will increase your confidence and knowledge base.

    Why Professional Psych Seminars For Your Suicide Prevention Continuing Education

    Professional Psych Seminars (PPS) is a leading source for suicide prevention continuing education. Our seminars and classes combine leading-edge practices and information about suicide prevention with the latest technology. PPS also helps you to meet mandated courses and continuing education requirements in an environment fostering ingenuity and innovation. You can choose a continuing education program that is tailored to your specific need as a suicide prevention professional, while thriving as a suicide prevention professional. We also offer discounts on courses, a rewards program, networking opportunities with top professionals in suicide prevention, and more. So, for the suicide prevention continuing education you need with the quality you deserve, contact PPS today!