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  • Continuing Education Seminars for Social Workers

    Social Worker Hero

    Day to day duties of two social workers can vary greatly. One may work with mentally ill individuals or patients fighting against major health concerns. Another may be advocating for a patient or help them with ongoing therapy or skill-building activities. Regardless, social workers help individuals and families solve and manage problems in everyday lives. They may be found in a wide range of settings from family homes, schools, or healthcare facilities. From observing people and communities in need, assessing clients' needs, following up with clients to ensure progress, to maintaining case files; social workers are the everyday heroes of the mental health world. And just like any other mental care professional, it is important to preserve and modernize industry best practices and knowledge. Therefore, if your specific line of social work requires a yearly or biennial update in license or certificate renewal, consider one of our social work continuing education seminars at

    Modern Supervision

    In our Clinical Supervision: Best Practices class, instructor Carol Falender, Ph.D. will teach social workers the latest practices for client/patient supervision. As a fellow of the American Psychological Association (APA) and Clinical Professor in the UCLA Department of Psychology, Dr. Falendar will teach supervisor competence. This includes skills, attitudes, knowledge, and construction of supervision contract. Social workers will come away with the most up-to-date practices of clinical supervision, four aspects of the clinical supervision learning cycle, a modern take of infusion of multicultural appreciation into the practicing supervision of a client by a supervisee-therapist and the supervisor, and much more. During this seminar, attention to complex issues as it relates to supervision will be lectured and discussed, with mentions of ethical and legal issues (including digital dilemmas). Along with modern information and best practices, this seminar meets the clinical supervision course requirement for license renewal.