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  • Online Psychology Courses for Self-Injury Patients

    For psychologists, social workers, counselors, or marriage and family therapists looking for the latest information on a variety of topics that affect their patients, continuing educations courses from Professional Psych Seminars are the answer. Health professionals like yourself can choose from a variety of subjects such as self-injury. With the Helping Those Who Hurt Themselves: Understanding and Treating Self-Injury course, you will learn about a sensitive topic, cutting. Helping Those Who Hurt Themselves offers treatment ideas for many health professionals to help this special kind of patient.

    About the Helping Those Who Hurt Themselves: Understanding and Treating Self-Injury Course

    Clinicians, nurses, psychologists, support staff, and educators alike can learn relevant information regarding self-injury treatment for patients of all ages. This online course focuses on offering valuable information for those that give support, assistance, or treatment to those with self-injury behaviors. You will learn about the various types of self-injury, reasons why people cut, and models on how to explain the behaviors clinically. Treatment, diagnostic, and assessment issues are also explored in this course created by Tracy Alderman, Ph.D. Her course was created with evidence-based findings based on her many years of clinical experience.

    This course will dive into the three reasons why patients engage in self-injury, how it is different than a suicide attempt, and how to treat those with this type of disorder in your practice. As a clinical psychologist, Alderman is a leading expert in this field and has offered many workshops like this for counselors, parents, clinicians, and hospitals across the United States.

    Learn More About Online Courses for Mental Health Professionals

    Professional Psych Seminars provides a variety of live seminars and online courses to mental health professionals and other health professionals as well. To learn more information on our course offerings or to learn more about the Helping Those Who Hurt Themselves Self-Injury webinar, visit our website at or call us toll-free at 877-777-0668 today.