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  • MFT CEUs in CA

    MFT - Marriage and Family Therapist

    Designed with the “end” in mind, marriage and family therapy is meant to be brief with attainable, solution-focused goals. Depression, marital problems, anxiety, and individual psychological problems are common areas of practice for marriage and family therapists (MFTs). Interestingly, research indicates that marriage and family therapy is comparatively just as effective as standard treatments for a wide range of health issues like schizophrenia, affective mood disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, and even chronic physical illness. With an average of 13 years of clinical experience, MFTs are an experienced group of practitioners trained in psychotherapy in family systems as well as licensed to diagnose and treat various mental disorders in various architectures of family life. As a quality continuing education provider for MFTs, is proud to offer Marriage and Family Therapist Continuing Education Unit Seminars (MFT CEUS) to interested parties.

    Divorce in Families for MFTs

    It should come as no surprise that healthy marriages are positive factors that play into the couple’s mental and physical health –  children also take in similar benefits. Unfortunately, it is no surprise that 40-50% of all American marriages end in divorce in today’s age. Through fundamental differences in areas such as finances, intimacy, parenting roles (if applicable), and lack of shared future; divorce rates have drastically changed the appearance of the typical American family unit. Even then, children are forced to progress through a family system that is often open to interpretation from both parental figures. In order to help client families going through or preparing to enter divorce, MFTs should consider our Fostering Resilience in Children and Families after Divorce. Constance Ahrons, Ph.D. will explain the positive and negative effects research has yielded on children of divorce. MFTs will learn that there can be a “good” divorce and be able to explain the concepts of a “binuclear” family and “limited partnership role” and enable this practice into real families. MFTs will also explore opportunities to interact with high conflict parents and relationships between first and second spouses in the overall whole family system.