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Discovering Happiness


  • Describe how scientists define happiness and some of the evidence for why it matters
  • List some key factors that do vs. do not promote happiness
  • Describe the main biological systems that drive and reinforce social connection, generosity, and belonging
  • List three concrete strategies for boosting personal happiness


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This seminar runs from 9am to 4pm.

This seminar runs from 9am to 5pm.


Course Description

Most people want to be happy or increase their own level of happiness, be it the patients you treat or yourself in your personal life. Scientific research shows that people can foster happiness by strengthening key skills and prioritizing happiness-promoting behaviors and experiences in day-to-day life. Further, studies implicate specific biological systems in happiness; structures and pathways that change with efforts toward increasing it. Importantly, pursuing happiness involves disentangling it from neighboring states like enjoyment, pleasure, and pride, and accentuating our core human drive to connect, cooperate, and care. In this class you will learn about the specific factors that support genuine, sustained happiness as well as the key skills people can use to foster the mental, social, and behavioral characteristics that buoy happiness.

Pricing: $199 (Early Registration), $219 (Regular Registration)
6.0 Credits


Emiliana Simon-Thomas, Ph.D.

is the Science Director at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. Trained in neuroscience and social psychology, she runs the student research fellowship program, directs key science initiatives, and teaches the The Science of Happiness, a massive open online course on the edX platform that has enrolled over 600,000 people worldwide. She also teaches the Science of Happiness at Work Professional Certificate Series on edX, and serves as an expert voice on the biology and psychology of well-being around the world. Her work highlights the critical roles that pro-social experience and behavior play in happiness, and addresses research-backed approaches to improving happiness - like practicing mindfulness, or strengthening habits of compassion, gratitude, and generosity. Overall, Emiliana's work leverages scientific insights to help people live better lives individually, in relationship with others, within organizations and communities, and society-wide.

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