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Deconstructing Anxiety: A Powerful New Approach to Understanding and Treating Anxiety Disorders - November 13


  • Describe the core fear/chief defense model of how we build our personalities
  • Identify how anxiety disorders develop according to this model
  • State how the techniques of the Deconstructing Anxiety model may be used to dismantle the chief defense and resolve the core fear
  • List the steps of “Vision Questing,” a powerful remedy for anxiety and the discovery of purpose and fulfillment


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This webinar runs from 9am to 4pm.

This webinar runs from 9am to 5pm.


Course Description

Learn a new approach for rapidly uncovering the root causes of anxiety. This webinar will provide you with highly effective techniques for resolving the resistances that keep anxiety alive by transforming them into a sense of purpose, meaning and fulfillment.

Beginning with the important discovery that there is a single “core fear” at the root of all anxiety, this model proposes that we may find this core fear to resolve not just anxiety but the fundamental source of suffering. The core fear expresses itself in five major universal themes of loss: (1) abandonment (loss of love); (2) loss of identity; (3) loss of meaning; (4) loss of purpose (the chance to express oneself ); and (5) fear of death (including fear of sickness and pain).

We develop our primary defenses as our best attempt to protect ourselves from these fears, but always at too great a cost. This leaves us constantly holding vigil, on the lookout for the resurfacing of the threat. When this process spins out of control, an anxiety disorder develops. A new three-phase model for personality development is also elaborated from this fear-defense dynamic, explaining how the anxious personality disorders can evolve. The theory and techniques offered in this workshop will teach you how to uncover the core fear and chief defense quickly and reliably. Armed with this knowledge, new strategies for targeting the precise moment when the chief defense is applied reveal how we may dismantle it in a highly efficient way, thereby exposing the “lie” of the core fear. This new model synthesizes evidence-based approaches, including CBT and especially exposure therapy, mindfulness, psychodynamic psychotherapy and positive psychology. Participants will undergo the actual techniques being presented, making for a rich and experiential presentation. Come prepared for an exciting adventure into the deepest regions of the unconscious, where the hidden fears at the source of our clients’ difficulties live, making them available for rapid and deep transformation.

Pricing: $199 (Early Registration), $219 (Regular Registration)
6.0 Credits


Todd Evan Pressman Ph.D.

is an international presenter, psychologist and author. He is the founder and director of Logos Wellness Center and Pressman and Associates Life Counseling Center, dedicated to helping people design lives of meaning, purpose and fulfillment. His studies under some of the world's leaders in the Consciousness movement, as well as the personal grooming he received from a father whose teachers were students of Sigmund Freud, prepared the way for the discovery of the holistic principles he espouses. His work with Olympic athletes and high performing CEOs has further honed his understanding of the secrets of excellence and the path to fulfillment.

In 1982, he traveled around the world to study the great Wisdom traditions, spending time with a Zen master in the monastery of Kyoto; exchanging with a Zoroastrian high priest outside the Fire Temple of Mumbai; witnessing authentic fire walking and other fakir ceremonies in the jungles of Sri Lanka and Bali; and staying with a Jain family whose reverence for life had them put out sugar each night to feed the ants. These experiences provided a cross-cultural perspective of the extraordinary capacities of the mind and spirit, a perspective that informs and enriches Dr. Pressman's work to this day.

In high demand as an international seminar leader and lecturer, he has presented at the prestigious Council Grove Conference (sponsored by the Menninger Foundation), the annual conference of the American Counseling Association, the International Society for the Systems Sciences, the International Conference on Holistic Medicine and Nursing (keynote speaker and chair), the Annual Conference of the Society for Humanistic Psychology, the Association for Humanistic Psychology, the Omega Institute, the New York Open Center, the Tri-Quarter Gathering of Friends (keynote) and many others. Numerous journal publications, including articles in the highly regarded Journal of Humanistic Psychology and Common Ground Magazine, as well as regular blogposts on Psychology Today, two newspaper columns and multiple radio and television appearances, have demonstrated Pressman’s success as a proponent of the best of the new thinking in psychology and wellness. His latest book, entitled Deconstructing Anxiety: The Journey from Fear to Fulfillment, has been receiving international attention. Other publications include two books (Radical Joy: Awakening Your Potential for True Fulfillment and The Bicycle Repair Shop: A True Story of Recovery from Multiple Personality Disorder, as Told by Patient and Therapist (co-authored with Angela Fisher), scores of articles, and two audio educational programs.

Dr. Pressman is also the founder and director of “Pressman and Associates Life Counseling Center”, a group psychotherapy and life coaching practice in Voorhees, New Jersey, where he provides individual and group counseling as well as training for mental health professionals. He earned his doctorate in psychology from the Saybrook Institute and an undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Pressman’s own intensive personal search, including an internship in Gestalt therapy at the Esalen Institute and training under Stanislav Grof in the Spiritual Emergency Network program, complement his more traditional background. Dr. Pressman’s professional affiliations have included membership in the American Psychological Association, American Counseling Association and the Greater Philadelphia Society for Clinical Hypnosis. He has served on the Speakers’ Bureau of the American Heart Association, the President’s Council for Physical Fitness and Sports, and was a member of the Board of Directors for Horizon House, a national program in psychosocial rehabilitation for those who suffer from developmental disabilities. In 1986, he received the Distinguished Service Award for his work in psychoimmunity from the Philadelphia Resource and Networking Association.


About This Webinar

The webinar is a live, interactive class. You will view the webinar in real time from your home or office on a computer, tablet (e.g., iPad) or phone. You will be able see the speaker and the slides, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and respond to polls. You will have access to the handouts, which you can view on your computer or download and print.

You will need to show up on time to receive credit, just like at an in-person class, but you can wear whatever you’d like! The class will run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific Time. There will be a morning and afternoon break and a break for lunch. At the end of the class you will need to take a post-test and receive a score of 75% or above to pass. You can take the post-test as many times as you need to, should you not pass. The post-test will only be available at the end of the class. Also, you must complete the post-test within 7 days of the class. Once you pass the post-test, you will complete an evaluation online and then you will receive your Certificate of Attendance online, which you can view and print.

Registration Information

The course fee is determined by the date of payment in relation to the course date:

  • Early Registration: If payment is received 3 weeks prior to the webinar date.
  • Regular Registration: For payments received less than 3 weeks prior to the webinar date.

Cancellation Policy

There is a $35.00 processing fee, per seminar, for refunds requested by the Wednesday prior to the weekend of the webinar. After that time, there will be no refunds. If a course must be cancelled due to an unforeseen event (e.g., natural disaster, instructor illness), the webinar will be rescheduled. Participants will be credited to take the rescheduled course or another PPS webinar. No refunds will be given.

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