Understanding And Treating Grief And Loss - Psychology Continue Education Online

When it comes to treating patients, grief and loss are two common topics that often need to be addressed. With the help of continuing education courses from Professional Psych Seminars, you can find a variety of online courses or live seminars to earn credits. The Understanding and Treating Grief and Loss - Psychology CEU offers 6.0 credits and can be done on your PC or Mac computer. Created by Christina Zampitella, Psy.D., FT, a licensed psychologist, this course offers helpful information on death, loss, and grief.

More about the Understanding and Treating Grief and Loss Course

Grief is the natural adjustment to loss, which occurs after the sudden or violent death or a loss. It is hard for individuals to process and usual therapy interventions frequently aren’t enough. With the proper training and education of mental health professionals, patients can be properly treated. This seminar teaches important skills to conduct assessments and treatment plans for grief patients. Participants will learn practical information and gain resources that help to not only treat but also recognize unrecognizable grief types.

The objective of this CEU course is to understand the differences between complicated, uncomplicated and traumatic grief. Participants also will learn how to identify risk factors that can increase the chances of grief from becoming complicated. Two effective ways to help clients move forward in their grieving process is also included. Lastly, alternative treatment methods for individuals and group psychotherapy are explored.

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