Live Classes

Why do your classes cost more than some others who offer CE classes?

We offer a comfortable, professional, hotel setting for your CE classes, outstanding instructors, a continental breakfast with fresh fruit, a delicious sit-down catered lunch, afternoon snacks, refreshed coffee all day, and great customer service. Our costs are considerably higher than most other CE providers. The outstanding Course Evaluations of our classes and our loyal customer base demonstrate that clinicians view our classes as a good value for the money. Take one of our classes and decide for yourself.

Do you have any discounts for your live classes?

Yes, we offer an early registration discount if you sign-up three or more weeks before the seminar, and a 10 percent multi-course discount if you sign-up for two or more classes at the same time. By planning ahead, you can lower your cost to $179.10 per seminar.

Also, once you have completed 6 live classes, you become a member of our Platinum Club and are awarded a $100.00 certificate, which can be used for any future live class. When you complete another 6 classes, you receive another $100.00 certificate. We have awarded over 2500 of these certificates to our customers.

If two or more people sign-up for the same class, are there any discounts?

No. However, each person can take advantage of the early registration discount and the 10 percent multi-course discount, provided they each register for more than one class at the same time.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

We charge a $35.00 processing fee for classes you cancel by the Wednesday prior to the weekend class. After that time, no refunds are provided. If you call before the Wednesday prior to the weekend class, we can switch you to another future class at no charge.

If we at PPS need to cancel a class at the last minute due to an unforeseen event (e.g., natural disaster, instructor illness), the seminar will be rescheduled. You will be credited to take the rescheduled course or another PPS seminar. No refunds will be given.

If we at PPS need to cancel a class due to low enrollment, your registration fee will be refunded in full or you can take another PPS class.

Do you offer California pre-licensure classes, such as those on HIV/AIDS and Child Abuse?

We don't offer any live pre-licensure classes. We do offer some online classes that satisfy these requirements; a 7.0 CE credit class on Child Abuse and a 6.0 CE credit class on Aging and Long-Term care. Our 6.0 CE Credit class on Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders may partially meet the requirement for a class on Substance Use Disorders.