On-Demand Classes - Audio Issues

The audio doesn't work. What's wrong?
  1. Make sure you have speakers on your computer. If you have a desktop computer, you need to make sure your speakers are plugged in and the volume turned on. Make sure you can hear sound from your computer outside of our classes.
  2. Make sure your volume control is not on mute or turned down too low. For Windows users your volume control is found under Control Panel, Sounds and Audio Devices. Also, it is often on the bottom taskbar on the right hand side. It looks like a small speaker.
The video and/or audio is choppy or cuts out. What's wrong?
  1. The most common reason is a slow internet connection at your end. You can click on the "pause" button, wait 30 seconds and then click on the play button.
  2. Make sure there isn't a firewall that is slowing down your internet connection. Again, this is most likely to occur at a work setting with an IT department.
It seems like I'm hearing an echo or the audio is distorted. What's wrong?

You likely clicked on the "View Video" for that segment multiple times and now have 2 or more videos of that segment playing simultaneously. Look at the bottom taskbar and see if this is the case. Close the extra videos so only one is playing.