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From Mouth to Madness: The Role of Nutrition in Mental Health

This course runs on PCs and Macs                     Published: Oct 2008

Course Description

Nutrition is an essential, but often overlooked component in mental and emotional functioning. Optimal nutrition can prevent, delay, or improve both physical and mental disorders, and is an essential facet in the management of the physical, psychological, and psychosocial changes associated with mental illness. Detection and reversal of nutritional deficits or anomalies can prevent years of pain and suffering, add years to a person’s life, and may prevent or delay many types of mental illnesses. This course will explore the signs, symptoms, causes, and treatments of nutritional and biochemical abnormalities in people with mental, behavioral, and emotional problems.


  • Identify two specific nutritional factors related to mental disorders
  • Describe a treatment of a nutritional and biochemical abnormality for one mental disorder
  • Identify two vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients can improve mood, cognition, and well-being.
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6.0 Credits

William Matteson


William Matteson, Ph.D.

William Matteson, Ph.D. is an accomplished speaker, author, and clinician, who lectures nationally to healthcare professionals. A licensed psychologist and LMFT, Dr. Matteson is able to present cutting-edge research and treatment strategies in an organized and integrated fashion.