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East Meets West: Integrating Psychotherapy, Neuroscience and Eastern Healing Traditions

This course runs on PCs and Macs                     Published: May 2008

Course Description

The past 15 years have seen an explosion in neuroscience research. This workshop will take a look at how such research can enhance psychotherapy outcomes. The is a special focus on integrating cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic approaches, dealing with resistances, modifying internal maladaptive schemas, and fostering the development of a more authentic self. In addition, a number of Eastern healing traditions will be examined and how they can compliment more traditional therapeutic work. The talk addresses theoretical and research issues, but also presents a number of specific and practical treatment techniques and strategies.


  • List two recent developments in the neurosciences that relate to psychopathology and various common processes of psychotherapy
  • Describe specific interventions that target common problematic psychodynamics, with an emphasis on dealing with resistances
  • Explain the complimentary role of Western psychological theories and Eastern healing traditions as they relate to psychological healing and the development of a more authentic self
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6.0 Credits

John Preston, Psy.D.


John Preston, Psy.D.

John Preston, Psy. D. is a Professor of Psychology with Alliant International University, Sacramento, CA. He is the author of 18 books on various topics including psychotherapy, neurobiology, and the interface between religion and psychology. He is also the author of Drugs in Psychiatry chapter in the Encyclopedia Americana. He has spoken widely both in the United States and abroad.