Acceptance And Commitment Therapy - CEU Credits for Psychologists

When it comes to finding continuing education courses that improve your ability to treat your patients, Professional Psych Seminars has a variety of webinars and online courses from which to choose. The acceptance and commitment therapy CEU Webinar features a new model of behavioral treatment that has gained an international following. Also known as ACT, this treatment focuses on the acceptance of emotion while still focusing on positive behavior changes that are meaningful to a patient’s values and everyday life. Mental health professionals will learn techniques that can be used when intervening with patients suffering from depression, anxiety, substance abuse or post- traumatic stress disorder.

About Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

This online continuing education course will teach individuals how to avoid internal experiences that affect one’s functioning. The significant steps of the acceptance and commitment therapy will also be explored as well as techniques that are useful during interventions. This online course offers 6.0 CEU credits. Professional Psych Seminars offers a no-risk guarantee allowing online students to view a class for three days before deciding if they’d like to cancel.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is based on relational frame therapy, which focuses on human language and cognition. It believes that the rational skills may be ineffective in solving problems associated with psychological pain. This therapy model helps teach people that while this pain is normal, there are healthier ways to live life by shifting the way they think about pain. This CEU webinar is taught by Robyn D. Walser, an author on the topic as well an expert on working with individuals who have PTSD at the National Center for PTSD. She’s a licensed psychologist, who also maintains an international consulting, training and therapy practice among her other obligations. This course will work on both Macs and PCs.

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