Understanding Simple And Complex Recovery Patters From Sports-Related Concussions - Psych CE Course

Finding high-quality and informational courses for continuing education is easy when you look at Professional Psych Seminars. The Understanding Simple and Complex Recovery Patterns from Sports-Related Concussions online course is co-sponsored by the California Psychological Association and CPA’s Division of Neuropsychology. This online course focuses on sports-related concussions and the proper recovery methods for those with mild traumatic brain injuries. This 3.0 CEU credit course can be conducted on your own time using a PC or a MAC computer.

More about the Understanding Simple and Complex Recovery Patterns from Sports-Related Concussions Course

Most athletes who suffer from concussions recover fairly quickly. However, the post-concussion recovery period can lengthen if the patient has certain medical conditions or psychological factors that are contributing to a longer recovery process. This workshop aims to address the phenomenology and pathophysiology of mild traumatic brain injuries and the current management strategies used by professionals. You will be taught helpful intervention strategies as well.

The course was created by David M. Lechuga, Ph.D., ABPP, ABN, the director of the Neurobehavioral Clinic and Counseling Center. He is also the consultant to the Los Angeles Kings and All American Heavyweights and has experience in traumatic brain injuries at his own clinical practice. This course will explore the psychosocial factors that interact with the concussion recovery process and list clinical strategies that help the recovery time too.

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