Treating Complex Trauma In Adolescents And Young Adults - Online CEU Workshop for Counselors

Learning effective ways to treat trauma patients is important. With the help of Professional Psych Seminars and Treating Complex Trauma in Adolescents and Young Adults online workshop, mental health professionals can learn valid treatment methods for traumatized teens and young adults. This innovative approach involves a variety of components that are created to engage and help seriously traumatized individuals successfully.

More About the Treating Complex Trauma in Adolescents and Young Adults Online Course

This workshop explores the latest behavioral science and provides a nonjudgmental and focused approach to tension reduction behaviors, dysfunctional sexual behavior, and substance abuse. Interventions are created in a customized way to help each patient’s challenges, symptoms, and issues. The idea of empowerment for trauma-affected individuals is emphasized throughout this 6.0 CEU credits course.

Taught by John Briere, Ph.D., an associate professor of Psychiatry and Psychology at the Keck School of Medicine. He is an author or co-author of over 75 articles on the topics of trauma, child abuse, and violence. Some course objectives from this workshop include learning three major effects of complex trauma and three core components of this complex trauma model. Lastly, the idea of trigger identification and intervention are explored.

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