Treating Children And Adolescents In Blended Families - Psych CEU Workshops

When health professionals are looking for professional webinars and courses to continue education and to expand their knowledge base, Professional Psych Seminars has a large variety to choose from. Our Treating Children and Adolescents in Blended Families webinar offers information for therapists to use when accessing both children and teens. This continuing education course meets the Law and Ethics requirement for renewing one’s professional license as well as for risk management discounts with many insurance companies. Talk about a win-win!

More about this Family-Oriented Online Course

Treating Children and Adolescents in Blended Families: Clinical and Legal Issues focuses on various issues that are expressed by both parents or stepparents and the children involved in their blended families. Students will learn how to identify and to understand a variety of situations as well as how to choose the appropriate treatment approach associated with each.

This webinar aims to describe the legal issue involved in assessing and treating children in blended families. It also will help professionals to learn two behavior problems that occur when working with blended families. Lastly, it will describe a clinical theme that occurs when treating blended families. Taught by Michael Griffin, J.D., LCSW, an attorney at law (making him qualified to discuss both legal and ethical issues) as well as a licensed clinical social worker who has years of experience as a psychotherapist. Griffin has worked as a program director, clinical case manager and clinical supervisor.

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