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Continuing education is one of the most important aspects of keeping up with the latest treatment methods as a healthcare professional. Brain-Based Therapy: Integrating Science with Theory and Practice, taught by John Arden, Ph.D., is a workshop that explains the recent advancements in the neurosciences, as well as how and why people change. This seminar examines which specific theories are therapeutic, and which are counter-therapeutic.

About Brain-Based Therapy: Integrating Science with Theory and Practice

Brain-based therapy shows evidence-based treatment and attachment theory in useable models for your practice or facility. Using this model, depression and anxiety disorder treatment strategies will be examined. Participants will develop a way to create a therapeutic process and to treat beyond the traditional ways of thought. This psych CEU course offers 6.0 credits who those who complete it on their Mac or PC.

This course’s objectives include how brain-based therapy affects different parts of the brain to help treat depression and anxiety. This course also will explore a variety of research and evidence-based practice methods as well as how traditional therapy can help treat a variety of patients. Arden is the author or co-author of 11 books relating to Brain-based therapy. He is the Director of Training in Mental Health for Kaiser Permanente.

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