Helping Those Who Hurt Themselves - Continuing Education for Psychologists

For psychologists, finding effective and knowledgeable continuing education courses online doesn’t have to be difficult. With the help of the wide selection of webinars for psychologists from Professional Psych Seminars, health professionals can choose from a variety of subjects to earn continuing education credits. Self-injury is a sensitive topic that has been spoken about more often in the last few years. Helping those who hurt themselves offers insight information and treatment ideas for a variety of health professionals.

About the Helping Those Who Hurt Themselves Webinar

Self-injury is a behavior that has seemed to increase in a variety of patients. Clinicians, support staff and educators alike can learn relevant information regarding self-injury treatment. This presentation will focus on providing valuable information for those that give support, assistance, and treatment to those with self-injury tendencies. Participants of this online course will learn about the types of self-injury, reasons for the behavior, and models to explain the behaviors. Other helpful information concerning treatment, diagnostic, and assessment issues will be addressed too. The content of this course by Tracy Alderman, Ph.D., is all based on evidence-based finding and clinical experience.

During this online webinar, participants will learn the three reasons why patients engage in self-injury, will learn how to describe how it differs from that of a suicide attempt, and how to treat individuals with this type of disorder. Alderman is a clinical psychologist and the author of a self-injury book entitled, “The Scarred Soul: Understanding and Ending Self-Inflicted Violence.” She is a leading expert in the field and has offered countless workshops to hospitals, counselors, parents, and clinicians across the country.

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